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Proud Teacher Moments

Today was a fabulous day in kindergarten!  My kiddos are have been surprising me every day with all the things they are learning!  I always forget to stop and realize this sometimes!  We are working very hard on word families and today we did a word sort using two word families, -am and -an.  I expected a few would not understand it, but to my surprise everyone was just cutting away and sorting their words without a struggle (YAY!).  They even earned a 'big' sticker for this activity, they were so proud and so was I!

Working hard to sort out the words!
Yay!  The first few that finished and showing off their stickers!
This afternoon we worked on our "Counting Cars" book which you can get here for FREE!  I told the kids they needed to count the cars and write the number.  While I was walking around and helping students I found one of my kiddos who was trying to sound spell the number WORDS!  He did a great job sound spelling!  Hmm...maybe I need to create a number word activity for everyone to do! 
Such a little smarty pants! :)

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