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Beep, Beep, Bus Project and Rainbow Turkeys

Check out the cute projects we did today!  Our theme with our Language Arts curriculum is Transportation for this unit!  We are having a fun time learning about different types of transportation and whether they work on the land, air, or water.  I have been leveling my kiddos for reading groups and I noticed that some did not know the word 'my', so I created this cute bus project using a poem that they write the word 'my' into!  They turned out adorable!
We have been also working on ordinal numbers and I made the perfect little book for my kinders.  It is called "Rainbow Turkeys"!  It is the perfect book for when you are teaching ordinals!  Each page has an ordinal number and a color word!  Check out my kiddos working on it!

Grab your books here!!

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