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3 Mermaid Activities for Preschool

We are wrapping up all our mermaid activities this week and I wanted to share 3 mermaid activities for preschool with you!

Shell Painting

Supplies Needed:

mermaid activities for preschool

This one started with us washing the sand off each shell.  I filled a container with warm soapy water and added sponges. Then, they took each one and washed it off first.  Once they were dried they painted each one. They were so excited to do this and who doesn't love to paint!? When the shells dry you can use them for counting, patterns, and you could even hide them and go on a scavenger hunt.

Mermaid Names

Supplies needed:

  • Name Sheet (search "mermaidname")
  • Small shells (find at the beach or buy some here)
  • Glue

mermaid activities for preschool

We have a bunch of small and broken shells from our beach trip in March, so we used those to outline each letter of their names.  I created a freebie that is similar in my free library.  Search "mermaidname", download, and then type your preschoolers name in then print! I like incorporating their names in our activities because it is something that we need to keep practicing. They already can tell when their name is written correctly with one uppercase and the rest is lowercase vs having all uppercase letters. 

Mermaid Beginning Sound

Supplies Needed:
mermaid activities for preschool

My preschoolers loved this one because they could color the mermaid however they wanted.  Then, we practiced saying the beginning sound and they wrote it on the line.  I like doing these simple coloring sheets because they get to learn while they do something they love to do...coloring.  Adding a small academic component like determining the beginning sound lets us talk more about other letters.  Usually, we start making the letter sound and then we will go around saying different objects and saying those beginning sounds.

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mermaid activities for preschool
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