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Fine Motor Halloween Beads

 I have a fine motor activity for you and the supplies can ALL be found at Dollar Tree!

I grabbed these Halloween necklaces from Dollar Tree! This can be done with any type of necklaces and I plan on doing this with every holiday now!

We cut apart each bead on the necklace.  This was a great way to get in a lot of good fine motor practice! Holding the necklaces to cut each bead really strengthened our fingers :)

Next, I grabbed our wooden letter tracing board.  I found this at Target years ago, but they have similar ones HERE! *Contains affiliate link

We took our beads and outlined each letter using the beads.  This is another way to work on fine motor because picking up those small beads and putting them in the right spot is a lot of work!

I shared this idea on Instagram! I saw another preschool teacher do this with her number boards which is also such a great idea, too!

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