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5 Football Themed Activities

We love the Packers and football so much over here!  Even if the Packers aren't in the "Big Game" we can still have some football themed fun!  Check out what we did today!

I drew some colored football on a piece of butcher paper.  Some might of looked deflated but the kids knew what I was going for! :) 

We took our dot makers and dotted each football based on the color.  The girls are getting way better at identifying colors and I think it helps to have a predictable activity like this one to strengthen that skill!

The next one we did was a number matching, counting, and identification activity!  We hit all of these things in this one!

I drew goal posts all over our paper and added a number in between the uprights.  We took mini football erasers and counted out enough to match the number. I think a fun alternative would be to draw and cut out little footballs to glue around each number.  For an added challenge, write addition equations instead of numbers!

I have a couple freebies for you!

This one can be used in a couple different ways! The first activity focuses on addition.  

Your kiddo will pick two cards and lay them on their football field.  They will use football counters to add, then they can record their equation on their recording sheet.

Another way to use these cards is to pick a number card and match the number using the football counters.  These activities also come in BW!  Grab them HERE!

The last freebie can also be used in two different ways!  The first way is to pick a letter card and trace it on the recording sheet. This one is a great one to get a little fine motor practice in it.

The next way to use this one is to pick a card and cover the letter with a manipulative like an eraser or counter.  Grab this one HERE!  This one you will need to scroll down a ways to find it!
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