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2D Penguin Shape Play Dough Mats

I am excited to share a fun 2D shape activity with you!  These penguin shape mats were a huge hit with everyone!
I bought a big pack of mini Play Doh from Costco during Halloween this year and they are perfect for activities like these!
The key is to roll a "snake" to make each shape.  I help the girls when they need it but my son can do this independently.
While we are working on the shape, I make sure to say the shape and have them repeat it each time.  Seeing the shape, hearing the word, and then making the shape really helps them!
The best part is working with playdough really helps strengthen their little hand muscles!  Play dough is a great way to help with fine motor and is a prewriting activity for young learners!  Yep, prewriting!  Getting their fingers to play with the dough really does help with writing when they get older!

Grab these cards HERE!

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