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Thanksgiving Dinner

I want to share with you some fun Thanksgiving Dinner pretend play activities to do with your kiddos! 

I took some of the play food we had and we have been using that as our "Thanksgiving Dinner" for different activities this week!

 The first thing we made was some "Thanksgiving Soup"!  I took our food, water, and some containers to create this fun water sensory activity!
 I added tongs to work on fine motor.  We put the food into our big water container and stirred it around.
Then, we scooped it into our bowl.  We added a little glitter, I mean pepper because we need to season our soup a little!
Another thing we did, was taking our food and pressing it into play dough.  It was a great way to do a little matching activity too! 
  I would press the food and then we would match which one it was.
 For the littles, I gave them a piece of play dough and they pushed the different foods into it.

One last thing we did was add it to our sensory bin!  Adding in math questions like, "Can you give me two pieces of food?", is a great way to get in some counting practice too!

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