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Counting Bears Sensory Bin

Although the weather has me thinking winter, we did a fun fall themed sensory bin today!
Today, I put together a quick sensory bin  to do because we were not venturing out in the snow right away this morning.

I put our orange and brown dyed rice, counting bears, and leaves into our sensory bin.
Then, I added some leaves.  I strategically put them in our bin to cover the counting bears a little.

For little ones, they can just "find" the bears.  For bigger kiddos, we added a dice and found the number of bears that we rolled.  Add two dice to practice a little addition, too!

I put out a couple ice cube trays to store the bears that we found.  Once we found all the bears we counted all the bears in our ice cube trays.

The trays are totally not needed, but adds a little engagement because who doesn't love an ice cube tray!?

This is an easy set up and could be used for any season or holiday.  Just switch out the objects that "hide" the bears.

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