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Theme: Halloween

You probably have your week planned out, but I am always one to grab a couple extra ideas just in case I need something the day before! 
Halloween is TOMORROW!  Are you ready?  Is anyone ever "ready"?

Check out a few things we did this week!  Also, check out my Instagram for more things I might of not gotten a chance to share here! :)

We are so into anything that fizzes!  This time around we made magic potions!

I put everything in a under the bed storage container to keep everything in one spot and help with the mess.  I added some plastic letter beads to the ice cube trays too!

 I also added his own bowl of baking soda along with some spiders, cups, ice cube tray, and bottle of colored vinegar!  I also gave him some glitter which he added to the baking soda!  He had so much fun creating different potions!
 I brought out our Do A Dot markers and created these cute colored ghosts!
 We took a colored dice and rolled to see which ghost we were going to dot first!

 We also did a fun counting activity!  I put this cute little mummy on a plastic cup.  We rolled a dice and added that number of spiders to the cup!
I posted about this HERE!  We made some witches brew using number cards!  Another great counting activity!

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