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Theme: Community Helpers

We had a quick week all about community helpers!  We talked about most of the ones in our community and did a few activities to go with some of them!

 We had some nicer weather this week, so we took some activities outside!  Here we made a construction zone using cones from Dollar Tree and smashed some ice using a hammer. 
 We talked about what constructions workers do and how they have a construction zone that we need to stay out of.  We have a lot of road construction by our house, so we were able to pretend to crush up the "road" to make a new one.
 I made this "garbage" sensory bin where we collected the trash and put them in our garbage can.
 Everything in the bin ended up being our garbage, but it was a great fine motor activity.  We used a jumbo tweezers to pick up the pieces.  We found ours at Dollar Tree, but I found a class set on Amazon!
 I laid out a few other supplies to use besides the tweezer, like a flipper and tongs.  He used most of the supplies, but was happy to just use his hands, too!
 Play dough activities are always a fun one too!  We built houses and towers using craft sticks!
 Maybe we should of just changed this week into construction week, but we just loved it so much!
I added a dump truck to this name paper and we built our name using letters!
This is a fun matching worksheet that you can find in my store!  Here we matched the community helper with their tool/object!

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