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Breakfast Boxes

Do you have breakfast served at your school?  We had it at almost every school I worked in and it was always a time where I needed something for my kiddos to do after they finished or for kiddos who did not want to eat breakfast.

I did morning work every day, but that is always one more sheet to remember to copy.
I created these fun themed breakfast box activities that your kiddos can do after they eat or whenever they finish early!

They are easy to prep (print, laminate, cut) and require NO extra worksheets or recording sheets.
The best part is they are a simple independent review of concepts you have taught in class!

I store mine in a pencil box because I always have a few extra laying around and they are not too big to store.

Most boxes only need a dry erase marker, manipulative, or play dough.
These pumpkin themed boxes include letter tracing, number tracing, ten frame puzzles, shape mats (use play dough or other manipulatives), and number matching.  Number matching includes ten frames with and without dots to help kiddos identify numbers plus works on one to one correspondence.
If you're interested, grab them all HERE!

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