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Red, White, and Blue Rhyming

In honor of Labor Day, I pulled out some of my red, white, and blue rhyming activities! 
The first one I have to share has your kiddos up and moving around!

You can use any rhyming cards-since this is a red, white, and blue themed post, I used those colored stars.  Each star has a word on it.  I placed the stars around the room and have the students stand on on one side of the room. 

I have a pile of cards that rhyme with one of the stars.  I will call out a word and the class will WALK to find the star that rhymes with it.  If a student finds one, they will will step on the star.  You can give the card to the student that found the rhyme or you can just keep playing. 

Leave all the stars out, so the students still have to go through all the stars to find the rhyme.
This could easily be done with rhyming cards that you have for class too.  Put half the cards out and keep the other half while you call out the words.

The next activity I have is a matching game.  Students can play in a small group or you could play as a class.  You might have to print off more than one set of cards if playing with a whole class.  I would just lay them out face up or face down and have the students match the pictures that rhyme.
These cards can be found HERE!  These cards would be great when you are learning about the US symbols too!

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