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EASY Prep Writing Center

I wanted to jump on and share an easy prep writing center for you!
I shared this on my Instagram story the other day, but thought I would share it with you here AND add a FREEBIE :)
Writing center can be tough with kiddos who do not know how to write independently just yet.  One thing that I have been doing for years is putting word cards with pictures in my center.  I add our writing paper we use during Writer's Workshop and let them be in charge of their learning.  They can write just the words on the card, a sentence, or they can use the word to spark an idea for a story!
I put a picture on the word card, so the students who are not reading yet will know what the word says.  This cuts down on students coming up to you and asking what it says.

I have created different themed writing centers for the different parts of the year and these include word cards and writing paper.  They also include sentence builders, making lists, and sentence starters/prompts sheets.  The examples here are from my Halloween pack!

I have created FREE word cards for you that includes a writing sheet.  These cards have a food theme, so they can be used throughout the entire year.

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