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Apple Week Activities

I wanted to share some fun apple themed activities with you! 

The beginning of the year in kindergarten is BUSY!  Busy learning how school works and throwing in some academics when you can!
Sometimes learning includes strengthening motor skills.  I have a fun activity that works on just that.
Ripping paper is great practice and can strengthen their little hands.

Another thing we are working on is their name!  I created these letter apples and name plates to help with checking that their name was spelled correctly.
A couple fun math activities were sorting and making patterns with the apples.

I also had fun hiding apples around the room.  We would find them and count how many we found. 

Another idea is to hide the letters in their name and have them find the letters in their name. 
To make apple letters a little more challenging, than just spelling their names is to use it with sight words or CVC words.

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