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Happy New Year!  I'm a little tardy to the party here, but here is my currently!  Thanks Farley for hosting this fun linky every month!
Listening:  I always forget it is on because it is Monday and who remembers anything on a Monday!?
Loving:  Today went pretty well!  I had a kiddo spill his milk right when we started our good morning song and I got the whole mess cleaned up as my kiddos did the song without me being there...trust me this can turn into who can be the silliest really fast!
Thinking:  I am also so tired and wish I was still laying around all day like I was over break!
Wanting:  The wind chill is like -7 right now...Polar Vortex?
Needing:  We will not go outside until like Thursday...maybe!  And we don't have gym until Thursday...HELP!
Yes:  I need to blog more!  I am hoping to change that!
Maybe:  I keep seeing the cutest blog designs and think it might be time to get a new one!
I wish:  I was in FL last week and now I want to go on another beach vacation!


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  2. I hear you on the no outside! Kids are crazy without no time outside!

    Lucky you for just being at the beach!!

  3. Hello there! I found you through Currently! I had a good first day back too, but boy was I tired at the end. We're in the same boat as you in Wisconsin with the cold weather. We will be inside all week too. Have you tried to do GoNoodle or some other interactive game with the kiddos at recess to keep the energy not so crazy??? Good luck to you!
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard

  4. Hi there! My first day back was pretty low-key. I'm tired too, but we got a day off today because of the snow. The temperatures are pretty frigid in Ohio too.

    The Teaching Twosome

  5. That winter stretch with no outdoor recess really starts to take its toll!! Have a great New Year with your class!
    MKeep Calm and Love First Grade