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Five for Friday

We made it! First week back!  Even though we had a "Cold Day" on Wednesday we still had a busy week!

On Tuesday, we had some people come in and do a play for our kinders about accepting people who have disabilities.  It was extremely cute and very interactive!  

At my old school, we used the Six Pillars of Character curriculum.  I started using it with my kinders this year to review each pillar.  We finished trustworthy by making gold medals!  My  kiddos ate it up! :0

We have been hitting the sight words and completed a few of these worksheets this week!  These can be found in my Dolch Word Bundle pack!

We are reviewing our number unit by using this Missing Number worksheet from my recently updated Let it Snow pack!

I spent a week in Florida over break and brought back seashells for each of my kiddos.  Majority of them have never been to a beach, so I thought it would be fun to bring a  part of the beach to them!  You would of thought I brought them $100 bills!  They were in love and "listened to the ocean" with them.  I still have kiddos who all of a sudden tell me they went to the beach yesterday...It has been like -20 here and we do not live by any beaches...ha!

How was your week!?  Did you have any days off?


  1. The beach and warm weather sound wonderful right about now!! Sounds like your kiddos loved the shells - what a great idea to bring those back for them! Sometimes it is just the little things that can mean so much to our students!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


  2. We were out on Tuesday (snow day) and we had 2 days of two hr delays. I teach half day Pre-K so I only taught my kiddos on Monday and Friday. :-)

  3. No days off because of the cold weather but we had a 4 day week due to our Christmas holiday schedule. It was a nice way to slide back into the routines. How sweet that your kids treasure their seashells so much!

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  4. So sweet with the seashells! We had one two-hour delay for the cold. I love the 6 Pillars. I wish our school did that. :) Have a great weekend!

  5. Hey Kimberly! I've never heard of the 6 Pillars, I'm excited to look more into it! You should do a post about it for us! I wanted to stop by and let you know that I'm going to host a product swap. I posted sign ups on my blog and thought maybe you'd be interested in joining. I'd love to have you!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
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