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My long weekend has officially started!  We had a 2 day week, with conferences, and a work day thrown in there!  Whoo whoo!
We are still learning all we can about shapes!  Our shape unit is not amazing, so we have to make it more fun!
I made these little shape posters (aka shape unit in the works)!  

I put the shapes in the middle of our circle and everyone got  a chance to throw their bean bag on a shape.  Whatever the bean bag landed on or which ever one they were closest to they would identify.

One of the other kinder teachers and I always try to come up with a fun art project every week.  And when we say come up with it usually is right as our prep is ending...

Since we are learning about shapes we decided to make a "Shape Pumpkin Patch".  I drew some shapes and wrote out a sentence that had our kiddos counting the pumpkins.
Quick, easy, and super cute! :)

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