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I'm linking up for Farley's Currently linky!

Listening- GO PACK GO! :)
Loving-  I had been searching high and low for an app that had a library of books that could be read to my kiddos and wasn't having any luck!  Then FarFaria contacted me and my search ended-this is the best app ever!  Check out this app for yourself and enter to win a 3 month subscription!  Click HERE!
Thinking- It is true they are great!  Last week I was nominated for "Teacher of the Week" because of how amazing they are doing and guess who PICKED for first "Teacher of the Week" ever!? This girl!  This title comes with its only parking spot-whoo whoo!! :)
Wanting-I am almost done, but then I have to enter everything in online...this can end any time :)
Needing- Nothing!  Life is Good!
Trick or Treat- TREAT!
I created these cute emergent readers.  My kiddos love them!  Click HERE or on the pictures!
I made 2 and put them on the same page to make life easier.  Print once and have two books! :)  

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  1. Awww man, I wish I could say that I have all of my assessments done, but hopefully I can say that tomorrow when I leave school!!! Thanks so much for the treat!

    The Daily Alphabet

  2. Congrats on teacher of the week! That is awesome - parking spot and all! How fun. I really need to try the FarFaria app - I have heard about it before and only great things! Thanks for the fall readers! They are on my download list now for next week!

  3. The game is on at our house also. I have to confess that I'm more of a Seahawks fan since I live just north of Seattle. I'm glad to meet you through Currently.
    Artistry of Education

  4. Thanks for the treat! CONGRATS on the parking spot, girl! Whoop whoop!

  5. Whoop whoop! Way to go Teacher of the Week! You deserve it! Thanks for the fun treat! Happy October!