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Five for Friday

Happy Friday!  All I can think about is our 2 day week next week!! Check out our week!

We are still working hard on learning our color words.  I put these cute crayon color word cards and magnetic letters in my Word Work center!

Roll and trace!  I was going to make this sheet just a roll and write, but it was the first time we have done it, so I added the tracing part with the hopes my kids could figure it out if they forgot my directions.  Of course the NEVER forget my direction though ;)

Math center!  I made these during my student teaching and I still use them.  
Color word writing center!  Find it HERE!

We are working on shapes in math and it is not that exciting.  I made a fun PowerPoint with each shape!  Every few slides the kids JUMP and we get all excited and too loud, but we are having fun so it is ok :)  I used to do the same thing with flashcards and sneak a jump card in it, but they were always too small!  This worked like a charm! :)


  1. I love this post! I need to do the color word building in our word work time! What a great idea to have the crayons. I also LOVE the jump card for flashcards, especially having it big on the Powerpoint! I bet they love it. You get a 2 day week?? Do you have a Fall break or is it something else? Enjoy!!!!