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My Truth Monday-Becoming a Teacher

I missed out on this last Monday!  This week is all about becoming a teacher!

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  1. oh wow, sounds like you & I had very similar student teaching experiences. Mine was, hands-down, awful, and I couldn't get another placement. She even told me "you'll never be good at this". We ended up having to take the whole situation to the Dean, and she never got another intern..and I got an A! haha.. I do believe it made me better though...and SO very glad you came out of it better than ever!!! Thanks for sharing :)

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    1. So glad you survived! My teacher got another student teacher the next year and I found out that student teacher had the same issues as I did!

  2. Well, all I have to say is the first teacher blew it BIG time! I'm glad you were placed in another classroom and had a good experience. You're right though, you learn so much from those tough times in your life. I'm glad you stood up for yourself! I love your blog!