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Summer School-The Cats

Congrats Laura for winning my Brown Bear, Brown Bear Activity Pack!
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I have been a linky junkie lately and I am actually teaching summer school, so I have some fun things to show you!  Each week I teach is a different theme, so I will start with "The Cats".  I did one week of Cat in the Hat and a week of Pete and Splat!  Check out some of the fun things we did!

I wanted to do a fun painting project for the Splat book and found this on Pinterest!  One day we drew and painted him and the next day we used chalk to make his eyes, fur, and belly.
 The week before Pete and Splat we did some Cat in the Hat!
 We cut out an oval for his head, then cut out strips of red and white for his hat!

 One day we read this book:

Then, I took a Splat picture and hid raindrops around the room that had words on each one.  The kiddos found the word and if it was a noun they put it on and around his umbrella...ITS RAINING NOUNS!!

Do you teach summer school?


  1. These are so cute!!!! I love them all!

  2. Love your cats- Splat is fun and so is your cat in the hat- I liked your facebook page and also shared it on my facebook page..
    congratulations to Laura for winning the package on Pin interest..
    Regards from Alberta,

  3. Thanks! They turned out so cute! I bet the summer I finally don't teach will be super weird for me too.

  4. Thanks! That is perfect! The summer school I teach for is all summer and can be 3 hours in the morning or 3 hours in the afternoon or both! Some weeks I teach all day and some weeks I only do mornings. I usually teach about 4-5 weeks. The flexibility is nice and having Friday's off is super nice too :)