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Back to School Letter Match

 I have the ultimate activity for you to try at home with your little ones.  Why is the ultimate? Well, it combines fine motor, gross motor, AND academics all in one!  Say what!?  This can be used with more than just letters, but for today I am sharing how we did it with letters.

I broke up our activity into two parts.  I also had my girls do one part and my son do one part but you can have your kiddos do it all by themselves or as a team.
My girls were given these school themed letter tracing cards.  Each card has a picture that matches the letter sound.
Once the card was traced my son would pick up the cards from the table and walk them to our sensory bin in the other room.  Our sensory bin was filled with dried chick peas and lowercase letters from CharsJars.  He would match the uppercase letter card to the lowercase resin letter!
Movement is such a needed thing while doing activities and I simply moving part of the activity into a different room or across the room creates just enough movement to extend the activity a little longer + keep their attention longer.

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