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Theme: School

It is officially back to school!  We had a week full of school themed activities-think buses, pencils, letters, and numbers!

We practiced some fine motor skills by cutting paper into small pieces, then gluing them onto our bus picture!

I've always struggled finding the best bus themed book, but in the book, "How Do Dinosaurs Go To School" they touch on bus behavior.  It was the perfect tie in with our bus project!
A fun thing we did was add a paperclip to these letter cards!  

Then, we used a magnet to pick a letter and sort by color.  

This is another way you can adapt this center to fit all levels in your classroom!  We would say each letter as we sorted them into the baskets.

We used our counting bears to practice sorting!  This is a simple activity, but can also give your kiddos the chance to explore this math tool before using it to learn new things!  I added these colored baskets to help guide the process :)

We did another fun color matching activity using these color bears. 

I created color cards and we put those colored bears on the bus! 

 We used the big bus and then we found they fit perfectly on the cards, too!  Grab these cards HERE!

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