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Theme: Apples

We are getting major fall weather vibes over here!  I love it, but would love a few more weeks of summer weather!

We had a fun week filled with different apple activities!

 We started our week by making red play dough!  I even added a little cinnamon!
 The little man went outside to find leaves and sticks to add to our apple.  They turned out so cute!
 I shared these on my Instagram, but we used these apple color cards to sort pom poms.  You can grab these HERE.
 I created these pattern cards to start learning about patterns.  We did better with AB patterns, but I included AABB, AAB, ABB, and ABC patterns, too.  You can grab these HERE.
 This was a fun gross motor activity!  I taped an apple to a fly swatter.  I found apple scented bubbles at Walmart in their end of the summer clearance.  We would use the fly swatter and pop as many bubbles as we could!
This was another fun apple center that I shared.  I printed the apple shapes on red paper, then put them in a sensory bin.  I added paper clips to each apple and we used a magnet to "pick" each letter.  I included 8 different shapes and 3 different recording sheets.  Each recording sheet has a different number of shapes.  The sheet with the most you would need to print off two sets of apple shapes.  Grab them HERE.

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  1. Kimberly, I love these apple activities but I cannot download from the email. Could you please send these to me so I can get them? Thank you!