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ABC Countdown

I wanted to share a fun activity I have done in my classroom in the past as a fun countdown to summer!
We would do an ABC countdown!

Every day we would review a letter of the alphabet by doing fun activities that started with that letter.  
I have seen some teachers start with Zz and some teachers start with Aa.  We started with Aa, so our Zz day ended up being the day we headed to the zoo!  
Some fun days we did were Apple Day, Bubbles Day, Ice Cream Day, etc!
I recently created an easy print and go pack that focuses on beginning sounds.  This would be a great addition to your countdown or even while you are learning about the letters.

Each day you could use the "What starts with...?" worksheet and color the pictures that start with that letter.

Once you get through the first four letters you can do a review day and complete the "Sound Match" worksheet.

There are a lot of other review sheets that have a mix of letters.

Writing the missing letters or coloring pictures that start with the letter.

Do you have an ABC Countdown in your classroom?

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