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Basketball Centers

There seems to be a running theme on here lately...basketball! 
It is that time of year where the teams have been knocked out and there are only a couple games before the big championship game! 

Whether you are a basketball fan or not, these centers will be a great addition to your math centers.
The first one is a number matching center. 

Your kiddos match the number word with the number.  I added pom poms to practice one to one correspondence too!

The next one I used number cards.  Your kiddos pick two cards and add them together.  They can use the "basketballs" to help them solve.  Add a dry erase board or recording sheet to record their equations and answers.

I also included number cards with matching number of basketballs.  This is a great way for your kiddos to practice adding on.  Your kiddos pick a basketball number card and a plain number card then add them together.

Finally, I have a fun add the room.  You can put this in a center or hang them around the room.  Your kiddos solve the addition problems.
If you're interested in these and more centers, click HERE!

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