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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is right around the corner, so I wanted to share some fun Mother's Day gifts I found that you could make in your classroom!

These are easy to make and will look ADORABLE!
This first one is a thumbprint project.  This is a quick and easy gift made with an ink pad, paper, and a glass gem!

This one can be done a few different ways!  You can place the paper in a gallon sized baggie with paint and create a design or you can let your kiddos paint a piece of paper.  You will cut out a heart and place the painted paper in the back of the paper.

This one doesn't involve paint which can make it a little easier!

This one is a cute one that comes with a poem that your kiddos can put their prints all over.  I also like the handprint bouquet. 

This is another paper craft that uses one handprint and little flowers to create a cute flower pot!

I hope these gave you some ideas of crafts to make with your kiddos!  I have linked all the ideas to blog post with the directions!

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