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Oriental Trading Learn365

Did you hear?!  Oriental Trading has a site dedicated to all things teaching!  This is a one stop shop for everything you would need in the classroom.  They have lots curriculum activities, school supplies, and teacher resources!
I am always looking for more math activities for the whole year!  Luckily, under the "Curriculum Activities" tab you can find all the math activities Oriental Trading has to offer!
Check out some of the things I got!

I found this Early Math Activity Center Set!  It comes with 10 activity cards and these cute shark pieces.  They include sorting, counting, adding, and patterning activities.  I thought these would be perfect year round in a math center.

Another math activity I got were Dry Erase Number Lines!  We started Number Talks at our school this past year and we talk a lot about number lines and figuring out math problems using number lines.  These are great for whole group or small group!  There are 36 in a pack so everyone can use them at once.

I also got these CUTE Paw Print Counters!  These are perfect for sorting, patterning, or counting to solve math problems.  They come in 6 different colors too!

These Math Connecting Blocks are the best!  They can be used in so many different ways.  You can make math equations or use them to put numbers in order.  Connect some together and make a number cube!

One more math center before I move on to another subject!  The Monkey Math Linking Game!  These cute monkeys each have a number, tally mark, dice, or number word on their bellies.  Your kiddos link all the same number ways together using the links.  This is great for showing numbers in many different ways.

Learn365 doesn't just have math activities, but literacy activities too!  I got this great Rhyming Match Game. Rhyming is a huge topic in our class, so this will be a great addition in the beginning of the year to practice those skills.  I like to throw in a reading game in my "Read to Someone" center for my kiddos to do before or after they read and this game will be perfect!

I should also mention they have great social study activities too!  We do a big unit on resources/wants and needs also.  I found this great Wants vs. Needs Sorting Game.  This game has your kiddos sorting pictures of things they need and want into small bags.4

* Note: I was given these items from Oriental Trading in exchange for a review.  All opinions are my own.

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