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Back to School GoNoodle Blogger Biltz

I'm teaming up with a bunch of fabulous bloggers to tell you how AMAZING GoNoodle is!  Plus, you have a chance to win some GoNoodle swag for you and your class!  Wait there is more!  Use the code: BTSwithGoNoodle to get 15% off EVERYTHING in the GoNoodle Shop!
I want to show you TWO ways that I use GoNoodle in my classroom.  There are a million ways to use it, so I'll show you two!

Idea #1:
After each video you watch, you get points.  After 10 points your Champ gets upgraded.  Once you are done with all your upgrades you get to get a new champ!
To make it more fun, we voted for our champ!  I picked a row and numbered the Champs.  Then, the kids wrote down what number they wanted and we went through our votes.  This is good any time of the year, but would be perfect during the election time each year!

Idea #2
I know we always have those random few minutes that we need to fill!  My random few minutes always seemed to come at the end of the day because I was a crazy woman and wanted to make sure my kiddos were ready early, so we wouldn't be late to buses.
Some of my kiddos had longer bus rides so it was perfect to do a quick video before we left!  
This video even reviews words you are working on in the classroom!

GoNoodle is such a super company and understands teachers, so they have given me some GoNoodle pencils to giveaway to you!
Enter below-Good Luck!

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  1. Yes, and my students love it!

  2. We love GoNoodle in our classroom!!! Our favorite times of the day, some days....and sometimes mine, too!

  3. We love GoNoodle in our classroom!!! Our favorite times of the day, some days....and sometimes mine, too!

  4. I haven't before, but I'm going to start!!

  5. I would use it to break up a long lesson....to give the students a chance to move around!

  6. I use it for transitions and schedule them throughout the day, but I like to have my class earn extra breaks, too!

  7. I use Go Noodle especially during indoor recess or on days when the kids don't have gym! I love doing the quick workouts with them!

  8. I used it last year, and can't wait to use it again this year! thanks for the generous giveaway!

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