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Five for Friday

Fun letter review!  Letter bean bag toss!  I wrote each letter on a paper plate.  Everyone got a turn to toss a bean bag onto a letter.  They would say that letter and then sit down.  This could be played with any concept you are working on!

We are talking about the past and in our book they talked about Lincoln Logs!  Look what we had in our classroom to play with!  They were so excited to play with toys from the past. 
We are in our number unit for math.  We counted the letters in our name for this lesson.  I created this sheet.
 Then everyone wrote their names on a square construction paper!  My kinders glued their names, counted the letters, then wrote their name on the line!  They rocked this activity! :)

We used this paper saver sheet to practice the word are.

We are talking about numbers and this little one took his colored tiles and made a ten frame! I think he's getting it!

How was your week?

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