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12 in '12

12 favorite things! 
12. Favorite movie you watched:
I am seriously not a movie person!  I just need to be in the mood to sit and watch a movie before I will actually watch one!  The last movie I saw in the theater was "The Lorax" with my kinders last school year!  I do have a favorite movie though- Legally Blonde!!  Seriously, the only movie I do not have to be in the movie mood to watch! :)
11. Favorite TV series:
Tough one-I love HGTV and Lifetime- Abby Lee Dance shows are my favorite!
10. Favorite restaurant:
Noodles & CO
9. Favorite new thing you tried:
Blogging!  I never thought I would be a blogger but look at me now! :)
8. Favorite gift you got:
For our wedding, my dad got a picture frame engraved with a song we used to sing all the time when I was little!  It was so cute because he went out and did this all on his own! :)  I put a picture of us during the father/daughter dance in it!  
7. Favorite thing you pinned:
I have two-
Haha!! So true!
Hilarious!  And so true!
This is a font jackpot!
So many FREE fonts!
6. Favorite blog post:
The Gummy Worm Lab- The kids loved it so much and it is such a fun science lab for little ones! :)
5. Best accomplishment:
Finding a job after I moved to MN and LOVING every second of it! :)  I am so lucky to have great people to work with and awesome kiddos to teach!
4. Favorite picture:
A picture from our wedding!  It didn't rain like all summer but on our wedding day!  Didn't matter, it was still the perfect day! We had this one made into a canvas!

3. Favorite memory:
My Wedding Day!!
2. Goal for 2013:
Become the  next Deanna Jump...a girl can dream! ;)  For real, I want all my kiddos to be reading with confidence and for myself, inspire more teachers through my blog!  One more- I really want to do the Color Run next summer too! :)
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  1. Hi Kimberly Ann! I found you through the 12 in '12 linky. I love your wedding photo. Looks like the perfect day! I just recently did the Warrior Dash and I have signed up for the Color Run in June! I. am. addicted!
    Happy to be your newest follower!
    I hope you stop by and visit my blog sometime.
    Love, Laughter and Lesson Plans

    1. OMG! I did the Warrior Dash last summer! That was the hardest race ever! I feel so proud of myself for finishing! I love to workout but not up and down hills! I am going to talk my sister into doing the Color Run this summer! :)
      Thanks for following! :)

  2. Your wedding photo is beautiful! I need to try Noodles & Co. I have heard many good things about it.

    I am your newest follower!

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

    1. Aw thank you!! I definitely recommend it! :) Thanks for following!

  3. I'm moving to MN and am freaking out over finding a job :(

    Hopefully, I'll have some luck! I love experiments and one of my favorite was a gummy bear lab...love some candy and science!

    Sparkles, Smiles, and Successful Students

    1. What area are you moving to?? You will find something! :)

    2. New Ulm/Mankato area....so not exactly the cities and not until the summer but just trying to look ahead!

  4. Hello Minnesota Girl! :) Hope all is going well in your neck of the woods. Still hoping for a MN/WI blogger meet up in summer! :)
    LOVE that wedding pic. GORgeous! Smiles - Lisa
    Growing Firsties is having a giveaway!

    1. Lots of snow here!! The commute was a long one today! A meet up would be so fun!! :) Thank you! It was such a happy day! :)

  5. FYI, I heard rain on a wedding is good luck. That picture is SO CUTE, congrats.

    I'm following you now too - hopped over here from the 12 in '12 linky.

    That worm experiment looks like fun, I'll have to do it in the spring - with insects unit!!

    1. I have heard that too! Thank you!!
      Thanks for following! :)

  6. I just love that picture and am SO glad you moved to Minnesota!
    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  7. Legally Blond really is a classic! Your wedding picture is just adorable :) the color run is on my list for this year as well! I wanted to do it this year, but the location was just too far away. It sure would be fun though! Let me know if you make it to one!!

    1. I just love that movie! Aw thank you! It was such a fun day! :) I hope I get to do the Color Run! It just looks so fun! I'll let you know! :)

  8. We are your newest followers!! We are so excited we found you! We found you through the linky party and are hoping to link up soon too!! Love your wedding picture! You look so happy! I love that pin too, did I really just call my teacher mom? Haha...I love when that happens, that is when I know they feel comfortable with me. Come by and check us out if you get some time. http://kellyandkimskindergarten.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you for following! Aw thanks, it was such a happy day! :) I'll definitely hop over to your blog and check it out! :)

  9. Thank you for linking up!
    Your wedding photo is to die for. AMAZING!!!! :)
    And I have heard that rain on your wedding day is good luck!! :)

    1. Thanks for such an awesome linky! And thank you, it was the perfect day even with the rain! Good luck..I'll take it! :)

  10. I'm definitely with you on becoming the next Deanna Jump! Wouldn't that be great?!

    Ms. Cranfill's Class