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Clean Beauty for the Summer

 Summer is so close and maybe it feels like summer where you live!  I wanted to share some clean beauty favorites of mine that are PERFECT for summer!

The two categories of things I recently got were sunscreen and anti-aging products!  They kind of go hand and hand, but let me tell you why I love them!

Clean Anti-Aging Products

Countertime is Beautycounter's anti-aging line.  They do not contain retinol because they are on our Never List (all the ingredients we DO NOT use because they are harmful to us). Instead, Beautycounter created a combo of ingredients that have the same effect as retinol (reducing fine lines and wrinkles) without the harsh side effects. I use the eye cream and the Supreme Cream at night! Both are super hydrating and target those wrinkles:)

Mineral Sunscreen

My favorite sunscreen is the Countersun products by Beautycounter.  I LOVE this spray can because it comes out as a fine mist and can easily be rubbed in.  The face stick is a MUST this summer.  It goes on so easily and is super kid-friendly. The best part is this is reef safe and also comes in an air-powered can.  There aren't any added harmful ingredients to make it work (like aerosol).

For the month of June, get 30% off your FIRST order with the code CLEANFORALL30

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