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Gingerbread Printables for Preschoolers

 Looking for some gingerbread printables for preschoolers!? I am going to share a few of our favorites from this week.  There are also some free ones, so scroll through to get all of them!

Gingerbread printables for preschoolers

Gingerbread House Ten Frame Match Printable:

This activity comes with ten frame cards and a printable tracing sheet.  You can set this up in a sensory bin and have your preschoolers choose a ten frame card then trace the number, hang them up around the room and have your preschoolers walk around while they record, or you can put the cards in your center container/bin and just have them choose the card then record. There are so many ways to use this one, your preschoolers will have fun whichever way you use them.
Gingerbread printables for preschoolers

Decorate a Gingerbread House:

Are you ready to decorate a gingerbread house!?  This one will have your preschoolers identifying numbers and using one-to-one correspondence to count out the candies to match the number. This can be found in my free library.  Search "gingerbreadhousecounting" when you get in.  My free library is password-protected, so enter the password or press cancel to get the password sent to you!

Gingerbread printables for preschoolers

Gingerbread Tracing Lines:

Need a little fine motor help with your preschoolers?  Print out these tracing strips and have your preschooler trace the line to the object.  I have also included letter tracing cards and number tracing strips, too!  I laminated ours but you could print and just use a marker (no lamination required)!

Gingerbread printables for preschoolers

Gingerbread Ten Frame Count and Color:

Freebie alert!  This one will have your preschooler counting the gingerbread cookies and then coloring the number on the recording sheet.  This one actually includes TWO recording sheets. 

Gingerbread printables for preschoolers

If your preschooler needs a little number tracing help, you can have them count and then trace the number.  These two printables and cards are in my free library!  Search "gingerbreadcount"

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