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Learn at Home: Easter

I wanted to share our plans for this week in hopes that you could use them, too!

You can grab these lesson plans HERE.

Check out some of the activities we did!

Bunny Hop:  I put out these colored circles around the carpet.  Then, we rolled our color dice to see what color we were going to hop to!  Don't have these supplies?  No problem!  Cut out circles from colored paper and make color cards to pick from to know what color to hop to!

 Easter Egg Water Bin:  This was a fun toddler activity!  Read all about it HERE!

Easter Egg Counting Bear Color Match:  I put counting bears in our Easter eggs and we sorted them!  Find more about this HERE!

Torn Paper Easter Egg:  We did this with a rainbow last month, but it is the same idea!  Just tear colored paper and glue it to an outline of an Easter egg!

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