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Wireless Doorbells in the Classroom

Have you used a doorbell in the classroom as a part of your behavior management?

I started using one a couple years ago and it was the best thing ever!  The doorbell I purchased had different tunes to pick from and kept my class in check when I needed to get their attention quickly.
I usually used it as a stop what your doing, hands on your head, and listen signal (you know the most important signal :)...).
Unfortunately, that one didn't last the full year.  It just stopped working towards the end of they year, so I was back to ringing my little bell which was still effective.

A company reached out to me that sells wireless doorbells and their target audience is TEACHERS!  They know how important behavior management is in the classroom and have created different options of doorbells.  The best part is they have made an option that includes 4-5 doorbells in one pack that can be used for quizzes or games in the classroom.

Each doorbell has their own specific sound and when playing a quiz game the first person to buzz in will answer and earn their team a point.

I don't know about you, but my class ALWAYS wanted to press my little remote to my doorbell, but that was off limits.  This option gives your kiddos a chance to use the coveted doorbell remote...AH!
If you're interested, check out all the doorbells Sado Tech has to offer!  For 10% off your doorbell, use the code Kim10OFFBuzzer

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