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Sight Word Passages

Sight words can be very tricky to learn and remember.  I always spend a lot of time reviewing, reviewing, reviewing them as we learn them.

I am always thinking of fun ways to practice the sight words we learn.  We sing about them, chant the letters in them, and read books with them in it.

I have created a fun way to practice these words that is perfect for ALL levels of readers.
You can put these in your literacy centers, use them during guided reading, or use it during writing.
Each passage uses short sentences that focus on a sight word.

Your kiddos will read the passage, circle the sight word, read the sight word, then write the sight word.
The best part of these passages is that the kiddos that aren't quite reading yet can still search through the passage to find the sight word.

Finding sight words while you read is a great reading skill and will help those little ones become better readers too!

Instead of using a pencil or marker, you can use a highlighter.  Have you ever given a kindergartner a highlighter?  It's like Christmas morning ;)
Grab these HERE!

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