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Color Sorting

Sorting is a fun activity to do and a great skill to have when in preschool and kindergarten.  A good place to start when beginning to sort is with colors.  Colors are everywhere and most likely you have colored objects around your class or house.

A fun activity that I found all over Pinterest was a object color sort using objects around your house/classroom!  We used our big lego blocks to sort by color.

I laid out colored construction paper and we put the blocks on each paper to match the color.

We are totally into hiding things and finding them, so you could also "hide" the blocks and have your kiddos find the blocks.

I also have created a fun color sorting center that you can use.  It is laid out the same way, but I have included colored object cards to sort. 

Plus, there is a color match worksheet included.  Your kiddos will color each picture the correct color.

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