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Rainbow Activities

It is that time of the year where we focus on all things green and rainbows!  St. Patrick's Day is a fun time to do some rainbow activities with your kiddos.

I have two fun activities that we have done this past week.
The first one I cut out strips of colored paper.  We used our colored dot stickers to stick on each strip.
I cut out a black pot and we glued each strip in rainbow color order onto the pot!  This is a great one to work on fine motor and color matching.
The next one we did we used the strips of paper to spell our name!  I have seen this done with sight words and thought it would be perfect to review the letters in our name.
I cut out the strips and a cloud.  I wrote each letter on a colored strip and the full name on the cloud.
Next, we matched the letters to build our name!
These would be cute to hang from the ceiling in your classroom for a fun spring feel!

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