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Writing Center

If you're like me you have a writing center or writing time during your school day!  If you don't, you should start!

I want to share with you an EASY prep writing center!  There is only one thing that you would have to cut before, but other than that just click PRINT and you have yourself a fun writing center for your kiddos!
One of the activities in this pack is sentence writing, I mean this is a writing pack!  I have included three different levels for your kiddos. This makes it easy to differentiate.

I have included a journal, also.  You can use the cover and create a journal for each kiddo or just use the journal paper for your center.  There are two types of journal paper.  One with three lines to write and one with more lines.  Both have a blank space for a picture.
I said there is only one thing that would need to be prepped and these cards are the only thing.  Your kiddos can choose a card then trace the word they choose.

Another way to use these cards is to pick a card and write about your the word you picked.  Your kiddos can write one sentence or write a whole story using the journal paper included.

These sentence builders could even work in a word work center!

Finally, I have added some list making pages, too!  Your kiddos can make their lists and use them to write in their journals or use their lists when they are stuck on what to write about.
Grab this writing center HERE!

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