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The First Few Days of School

Those first few days of school are always a blur in kindergarten.  Did everyone eat and make it home?
I wanted to show you some EASY activities your kiddos can do while you get beginning of the day things together or a great way to practice your routines and rituals.  You could put these in a "center" and practice what a center looks like.  These would be great to use while you are practicing of cleaning up.  Play for a few or 10 minutes and then practice picking up quickly and quietly.

This is a simple bird sorting activity.  Any color sorting activity should be easy for all students and if it is not, pair up students to work together on it!

These number matching cows are great because any academic level can do them.  They can be matched by color OR they can be matched by number/number of spots.

My son got these books for Christmas one year, but of course they would be perfect in the classroom!  Each book can be read to your kiddos by pushing the buttons on the Me Reader.  Each page is color coded with a shape, so they will know what button to push!

 Finally, a good old box of blocks!  This is open ended and lets your kiddos explore.  You could give them a certain number of blocks and tell them to create something or just let them run wild!

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