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Phonics Game Review and GIVEAWAY

The amazing people at Junior Learning sent me their 6 Phonics Game set to use in my classroom.  I just loved the variety of games that were included.

Check out each game and enter to win your own below!  PLUS- use the code GAMES to get 25% any of their 6 Game sets!
These are the CVVC and CVCC word puzzles.  These were great because they had the picture and each puzzle has a unique cut out to make it self correcting!

This Double Vowel Downhill game has your kiddos spinning the spinner to get the vowel letters.  If your kiddos can make a word out of the letters by their chip, you move to that spot.  If you can't make a word, you stay where you are.

What is nice about this game is there is a word list on the game board.
On the back of the Double Vowel Downhill game, there is the R-Controlled Rapids.  This game is played the same way as the double vowel game, but your kiddos make r-controlled vowel words.  On the canoe there is a word list to help out your little ones.

This was a fun real and nonsense word sort- Aliens vs. Earthlings!  Each chip had  a word on it and your kiddos put it on the airplane or UFO.  On the back of each chip there is a human or alien to help with self-correcting!

On the back of the Aliens vs. Earthlings there is the Yes/No Machine!  This game includes simple sentences that is either true or false.  Your kiddos move it to the Yes or No spot on the game board.  Just like the Aliens vs. Earthlings game, the back of the cards have the right answer.

This one was perfect for our current phonics unit!  These are Digraph Dominoes and your kiddos fill in the blank of each word with the matching digraph.  These also have color coding on each domino to help your kiddos make the correct match!

Now it is your chance to win your own set!  Enter below!

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Good Luck!


  1. These games are adorable! Perfect to use as busy activities at the end of the year when teachers are taking down and closing up their classrooms. My faves are the Word Puzzles and Yes/No True/False games. Thanks for the opportunity:-)

  2. The games are great. I love the digraph dominoes, downhill and rapids. Thanks for giving us the chance to win!

  3. I love these games. The digraphs game is my favorite because a lot of my students struggle with digraphs.

  4. What fun games, I like the Double Vowel Downhill.

  5. I love the yes/no machine game! Looks like a blast!

  6. I love teaching phonics and these games look like a fun way to keep students engaged.

  7. I love them all!! They look fantastic! I think my favorite is the Diagraph Domino game!!!

  8. I like the Double Vowel Downhill game and the Digraph Dominoes game best, but they all look great!! :)

  9. I love these games! They would really help engage my students!

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