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Chalk It Up!

If you are heading over from Mrs. Johnston's Journey, welcome!  I can't wait to share the newest collection from Creative Teaching Press!
If you are like me, then you might have a slight obsession with that chalkboard theme!  However, all the cute chalkboard decor on TpT wastes so much ink.  Look no further because CTP has the best classroom decor set called "Chalk It Up!".
I was lucky enough to see this set at the Ed Expo in February and let me tell you it is perfect!
This collection has all you needed and keeps the chalkboard theme consistent through each product.

I haven't told you the best part about this collection.  You can write on them with chalkboard markers and erase them!  Just like a chalkboard!  BRILLIANT!
These pencils could be used for labels or a fun door decoration.  Since you can write and erase the chalkboard marker, it will be easy to switch up what you have one them.

There are two different birthday set options.  This set could be posted on a bulletin board.  Each cupcake has a month on it and there are enough candles to write each of your kiddos names on it.  Then place it on the correct cupcake.  I put the cake stand in the middle of the bulletin board and each month switch out the monthly cupcake.  This way your birthdays are always visible and you won't miss anyone's birthday!
I just LOVE this poster.  Like I said before each piece can be written on with a chalkboard marker.  This poster can be changed up for each learning target and "I can.." statement throughout the day.  

There is even behavior management tools available.  This set has a behavior chart along with inspirational posters, so you can create a positive behavior bulletin board display.  I love that the posters are included because they will create such a positive community in your classroom.  These posters are also sold separately.  Their posters are great and they offer a variety of them.

This calendar set is perfect for your morning meeting/calendar time bulletin board.  It includes the calendar, numbers, days of the week chart, and weather poster.

I am also a polka dot LOVER, so when I saw these polka dot borders I knew I exactly what I will be using in my classroom next year!
They also have a few borders with fun designs! 

I am not done yet!  There is one more product I want to show you.  It is an AMAZING mini color bulletin board set.  This includes color words, color paint samples, and colored objects.  This set could be used before you put it up for display by doing a color sort with the whole class.  You could also work on vocabulary by having your kiddos write the color word and object.  Example, I see the red apple.  I see the yellow flower.  Once you have some fun with this set, put it up and display it all year long!
Are you ready to win $50 to spend at Creative Teaching Press!?  Yes, $50!  CTP is also celebrating their 50th year of helping teachers!  Yes!  And if you hop to each of the other blogs participating you have more chances to win!
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