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Bright Ideas: Morning Meeting Greeting

I am so excited to be a part of  the Bright Ideas Linky!
I am going to share an idea for your Morning Meeting greeting time.  If you follow me on Instgram, you saw this on there.
I like to use Morning Meeting to review things we have learned the day before or just review things we have learned that year.

During our greeting time, I will pass out addition or subtraction cards with answers, puzzle pieces, or letter matching cards to each student.

They have to take their card and find the person who is a match to their card.  Once they find their partner they greet them (saying hello with a handshake, high five, etc) and then they give their partner a compliment.  We are at that time of year where we are very comfortable with each other (maybe a little too much sometimes), so it is a great time to throw in something nice to fill our buckets :)
This is so quick and easy because we all have different kinds of flashcards or small puzzles laying around.  
Once a group says hello and gives a compliment they come up to me and switch their cards for new ones.  Then they are off to find their new partner and they will do it all over again.
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  1. Love this idea! What a great way to reuse task or center cards, and get the kids moving. They'll love this!

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