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Five for Friday...Saturday Edition

This week flew by!  Check out what we were up to!

We used these fun word puzzles from Junior Learning in one of our literacy centers this week!  These puzzles came in a box of 6 other phonics games!  I will be blogging about the other games this week!

We are always working on our CVC words.  This was another way to practice identifying the ending of those words.  This is from my CVC pack!

I posted on my Instagram that I went to Target this week to check out the clearance on their Easter stuff.  I found these cute metal Easter baskets!  They were 50% off and came in 2 different sizes!

Yesterday, my day started like this and ended with the sun shining!  MN weather is crazy!

The hubby and I spent our Friday night buying a new grill!  Here is to hoping the warm weather stays so we can start grilling without our winter coats on! :)


  1. Ha! You went through the same weather goofiness that we went through this week. I somehow think MN has many more snow issues than California though! :)

  2. We've had way more snow than I like in Connecticut, but Minnesota is STILL getting some! Ugh. I'm hoping along with you that the warm weather stays.Those Easter buckets were a great find. Have a great week.
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