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Throwback Thursday!

LOVE this linky!  One, because I can look back at my old posts and relect.  Two, because BOOM I have a post written just like that!  Thanks to Hope from 2nd Grade Shenanigans for hosting!

*****This is a fun activity we did this past year to learn about main idea!*****

I have my full formal observation on Monday and I was planning on doing a lesson on main idea and details.  I introduced main idea yesterday, so my kiddos could get some practice with that.  I started my lesson with the "Main Idea Bag".  Inside I put different objects that supported a main idea.

I choose the quietest kiddos to pick out an item out of the bag.  After all the items were out of the bag, we brainstormed what the main idea could be.
Some of our ideas were school supplies, colorful things, and art supplies.  The main idea for was art supplies or things an artist would use.
We "taught" our turn and talk partner what main idea is and during Daily 5 each kiddo was asked to read a book, find the main idea, and write it on a sticky note.
They posted all their main ideas on the poster and at the end of Daily 5 we shared their main ideas.
Monday we will add the details part of this strategy!

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