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Laminating Motivation!

I woke up this morning to thunder and lightning! I spent some of the morning reading and then found myself with an itch to laminate!  I haven't wanted to do anything school lately so I jumped on the motivation!
I'm on my second laminator- the first one I accidentally forgot to turn off and I think it got over heated...oops!  We have a laminator at school but I'm convinced one side isn't as hot as the other which causes half my cute TPT creations to peel apart and the kiddos constantly coming up with laminating paper in one hand and the activity in the other.
I got my Scotch laminator at Target!  Only $20!
When I use my at home laminator all my creations come out sturdy and won't get destroyed after the first use in a center.
At school we get $100 a month to print. Black or color each copy is 5 cents! The month of June we got our $100 and since we we're only in school for a week I used some of my money to print out things to laminate! 
Today I laminated some things from The Cat Pack!

I had lots of these activities already printed, but of course used that pesky school laminator and only half of the stuff survived!
Now if only all this would cut itself out! :-)
Do you laminate at home? What kind of laminator do you have?


  1. I agree, my home laminator works much better than the one at school. Mine is ancient, a brother, they probably don't even make it anymore...lol. But it just keeps going, thank goodness.

    Luv My Kinders

  2. I do laminate at home. I actually have the same laminator that you have. I love it. I think I left mine on too long and it actually turned itself off when it got too hot.

    Ms Richards's Musings

  3. We don't have a laminator (yet) but I sooooo want one! Haha- I think I'd go crazy and laminate everything!