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Non-Fiction Text Features Activty

We are diving into our non-fiction reading and did a FUN activity to go with it!  I found this big basket of post it notes in my classroom when I moved into it at the beginning of the year.  These were key in this activity.  My kiddos go crazy over using post it notes...

After discussing what features can be found in MOST non-fiction books, I made a poster for each feature.
Each kiddo picked a non-fiction book.

They read through it and went on a scavenger hunt to find those features.

Once they found a feature, they wrote down the feature and what page they found it on.  Then, they stuck it to the correct poster!

  They were LOVING this, so I let them go through the books and do more than one book.
This activity was so simple, but those kiddos know those features and how they can use them!


  1. We are in the middle of this now. Thanks for the fantastic idea!