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Five for Friday

I am going to be honest-I don't have five pictures for Five for Friday, but four is close...right?
1.  I had a sub last Friday and had this on the sub plans, but the sub skipped it.  My kiddos were really excited to make their maps and were bummed when they didn't do them, so ALL week they kept asking about making them.  I fit it in as our last activity of the day and we probably could of kept creating if we didn't have to go home!
2.   I got these cute printables for free on TpT and turned them into headbands. 

3. Another Earth Day activity!  This is from this pack!  My kiddos played with partners.  They each got a stack of cards.  They picked 2 cards.  One card was the tens and the other was the ones.  When each person has had a turn they record their numbers on their sheet and use the greater or less than symbols.

4.  Our school got a grant to create a garden.  One of the teachers in charge of getting it all organized asked our class to plant some flowers for it!  I saved it and we planted it on Earth Day!
5.  I will be spending my day finishing up my May Print and Learn!  Can't believe May is right around the corner!

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