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It is COLD!

Brr!  Nothing new here, just another round of the Polar Vortex!  Part of me wants to pull out my spring activities in hopes the temps will start going up.  And when I say go up, I mean above 0!  With that being said, I didn't pull out the spring stuff but some PENGUIN stuff!  Why not!?  
We are practicing our skip counting and my Skip Counting Penguins
fit in PERFECT!

I started by handing out a penguin card to each kiddo in my class.  Then, we put the numbers in order as a class.
After, we finished that we completed a skip counting penguin worksheet!  There are lots of worksheets included in this pack too! :)

Another activity that my kiddos LOVED was a Skip Counting Scavenger Hunt.  I hid these little numbers around the room and everyone found ONE card.  Once again, we put them in order and each little one brought up their number.


  1. I'm soooooo over the cold weather!!!! Cute activities! Hope it warms up soon for you guys!

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

    1. Ugh me TOO! It seems to only get colder! The high today was 0!