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Five for Friday

I forgot what it was like to work a full 5 days!  It has been weeks since we have had a full week of school.  Our week was full of being kind and filling buckets.  If you missed my last post, I have had new student overload, so we had to review a TON!
1.   Monday we finished up our Groundhog's Day stuff with a "Digging Up Doubles" worksheet!  This is from my Print and Learn: February.
2.  If you follow me on Instagram, you saw this picture!  We used leftover book orders to sort fiction and non fiction books!
3.  We talked about filling buckets and made these buckets!  We turned it into a writing activity by writing about how we can fill someone's bucket!
4.  We filled each other's buckets by writing each other little notes to each other.  This was a HUGE hit!  I found these here.  I wrote notes throughout the day and at the end of the day everyone got their own little note to fill out for someone else.  
5.  I posted about this earlier this week, but wanted to share it again!  We found it on the floor at the end of the day today and we were all a little over dramatic about it...  Don't worry, I put it up right away! :)

How was your week!?  Did you actually teach a full week?!

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  1. I did not realize you moved up grade levels this year. I did not have school at all this week with ice, snow and extremely cold. Mom's counselor did a lot with "Filling the Bucket Lessons". Maybe I will get to school this week.